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Megha Cila, PhD

Staff Scientist

Megha is our Staff Scientist in the R&D chemistry team at Zymtronix, responsible for the development and implementation of analysis and purification methods. She obtained her B.Sc(Hons) and M.Sc Chemistry from Delhi University, India. She received her PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Idaho in 2015 and joined Prof. Krishnamurthy’s lab at Scripps Research in La Jolla where she pursued her postdoctoral studies focusing on prebiotic phosphorylation chemistry. In 2018, Megha joined the R&D chemistry team at Singular Genomics as a Scientist where she made contributions in chemistry IP leading to the synthesis, analysis, and purification of reversible terminators for the next-generation sequencing. Megha enjoys running, Bollywood dancing and playing with her 15-month-old son and her yellow Labrador.

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Megha Cila, PhD
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